7 Best Pics of White Kitchens for Your Decorating Idea

For some house-wives, a kitchen is a place which is easiest to stain. So, most of them choose such the color of paints that are dark and can disguise the stain as cream, beige, or brown. Whereas, those colors make the kitchen looks dark and tight. If you have a small kitchen, you can choose a bright color like white because it will make your kitchen looks brighter and wider. In addition, with the white paint, you can mix your kitchen with a variety furniture to make your kitchen more interesting and beautiful.


White Kitchen Ideas

Interest to design your kitchen in white? Here are some ideas for your white kitchen.

  • Black and white kitchen

The best match of color is black and white. You can apply it to your kitchen. Set the color paint up to white and mix it with the black and white stripes chairs for the dining room and the big black glass dining table. It will be perfect with the big lamp above the table. It is quite simple but elegant, isn’t it?

  • White and grey kitchen

If you want a different look for your kitchen, try to mix white and grey. It would be perfect with the wooden chair and hardwood floor.

  • White kitchen with wooden floor

White is perfect to combine with other colors. However, you can still retain the color with a slight touch on the floor.

  • Traditional white kitchen

Like a traditional style? You can set your kitchen to the traditional one. Place a small dining table in the middle of the kitchen with the wooden chairs and floor.

  • Classic kitchen

You can change your kitchen style to classic with applying white paint color and combining it with black. Set big lamps in your kitchen to make a wider and brighter look like.

  • Patterned white kitchen

The advantage of choosing white for the base color of your kitchen is you can decorate it as you will. Try to add some pattern wallpapers on your kitchen wall to make it more beautiful.

  • Black and white kitchen

Still black and white style, but you can make the white color dominate your kitchen and the black wooden chair to combine with the white table.

Those are some ideas for white kitchens. Choose the best one for yours and make your home more beautiful.

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