Best Ideas for Modern and Classic Home Interior Design

Designing a home is not easy. Some people hire the experts to design their home but sometimes the designs are not suitable with for taste. If you are going to build a house or want to decorate your new house by yourself, you can try these ideas, especially for the modern and classic style.


Kitchen sets

Start from the kitchen, if you want to set your kitchen into the modern and classic style, choose the background that matches with your furniture like white, beige, cream, and so forth. In addition, you can apply the kitchen cabinets that can make your kitchen more wonderful. Besides choosing the cabinets, you need to set the hardware in the right place as well. Place the refrigerator adjacent to the stove and microwave. Also, install the faucet near the stove to make you easier while cooking. To keep the cooking tools, install the cabinet in your kitchen. See the pictures of kitchen cabinets with hardware below.


In fact, a modern and classic style is not hard to apply to your house especially bedrooms. If you want to set the modern and classic look in your bedroom, you can choose the color of background that can match to any kind of color or a neutral color like white. Choose the furniture that made of wood and has grey, black, or white color. You can apply a theme to your bedrooms like black and white. So, you just need to buy some furniture in black and white. For the bed itself, you may try the pictures of platform beds as follows.


The floor selection is very important when decorating a house. Because, when the first time you entering a house, you would be footed on the floor. The best choice for the floor is the vinyl floor. It is affordable and has so many patterns that can be mix and match with your interior. One of vinyl floor types that can you apply is painted vinyl floor. The reason is you can paint your own floor to explore your talent especially if you have interest in drawing or designing. Even it needs harder work, the result is gratified because you paint it by yourself. Interesting, isn’t it? Here are some pictures of painted vinyl floors that can be applied.

Those are some ideas for your dream house. Explore your idea to beautify your house.

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