Round Wood Chandeliers for Your Vintage Design

Are you planning on decorating your room? Round wood chandelier could be the right choice for you. A chandelier is best suited to be a center in your room either the dining room or kitchen lounge. Coupled with the material wood that is powerful to create the impression of vintage to your room. Why must be wood? Because wood can give the impression of natural and dark colors also combined with light bulbs will be very powerful and give the impression of a vintage ambiance to any room. The use of wood chandelier surely must be adapted to the style of the room.

Round wood light fixture design

Round wood chandelier will create a room look spacious and beautiful. By selection of the proper design will create the impression of a vintage. Currently, light fixture designs have been very variable so it can be suited to the style and your own vintage taste. Here are the various designs round wood chandelier for your room.

1. A ring of grey finished mango wood chandelier

Based on its name, this grey-colored chandelier with paint that was applied to the wood that is already formed round. This design is created by Arteriors. This design can give the impression of industrial glow with three rustic iron chain and 12 bulbs are placed on a grey round wood. Light bulbs used can be adapted to the concept.

2. Stanton 4 light candle style chandelier

This chandelier features a simple yet elegant form. The form of this chandelier has to offer, namely around frame resembling a ball and there are 4 bulbs in it that are supplemented with black iron. The framework of this ball has material of wood appear the original color so it will look wooden fibers. This design is created by Birch Lane.

3. Wood antique chandelier

Based on its name, this chandelier has a unique shape and antique. Created with the small shape so if you intend to use this chandelier, you must pair it with more than one chandelier. This chandelier has a shape of half oval shape that is only paired 1 bulb in it and wood that doesn’t tint wood fiber so that the look will make an impression vintage are increasingly felt.

Those are some inspirations of round wood chandelier that can give the impression of vintage to your space. Customize your room design with the chandelier so that nuances being created can be felt. Hopefully, it will inspire.

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