Silo Christmas Tree Farm

Maybe this time you are confused to spend vacation time with family. Usually, you will go to the beach, mountains, places etc., but it is a regular vacation, you need a different holiday. You who are in Texas do not need to search for far-off places to spend the weekend.

You can try to visit some places are cheap and quite fun as in the silo Christmas tree farm. For Texas residents this place may be familiar, Christmas silo tree farm is a Christmas tree plantation located on 100-year-old farm and homestead located on 12 hectares of forest and grassland near Belton Lake in Central Texas.

This place can be your reference for a weekend with family, offering an unusual vacation. At there you can Choose and Cut “Afghan pines as high as 6-10 feet for a traditional Christmas tree, All field trees are marked with prices ranging from $ 39 for trees 6 feet and up according to the height of the trees. You can cut with the hand saw or they will do it for you, not only that they will help you shake, bale, and load the trees into your car.

Christmas silo tree farm has a wide selection of Christmas trees like The Murray Cypress or Leyland Cypress is another tree to “Choose and Cut”. Their dark green foliage and Christmas tree shape make them a favored holiday tree choice. There is no aroma and is recommended for anyone allergic to pine and fir trees the prices start at $42. All this trees still fresh until arrive at your home from the farm because they are kept in shade and water.

Silo Christmas Tree Farm also have some tree-like Washington State Noble Firs which is a species have blue-green and soft branches, this tree also has aroma a real Christmas tree and good for Christmas decorate sizes ranging 6-12 feet. The wreath is also a Christmas symbol that welcomes guests in your home. They also make Christmas flowers every day from Fraser Fir’s branch. All the designs are decorated with big red ribbons.

Silo Christmas tree farm also sells a variety of acecoris at Nana’s Gift Shop located at Red and White Guest House for Pumpkin Patch and Christmas sales from October to November and December. There is a wonderful selection of beautiful handmade from many talented artists in Central Texas. Prizes include Polish Pottery gifts, Texas and Country, seasonal decorations, stuffed animals and collectibles. Usually the other favorites sell sun catchers, hand carpets, soaps, lotions, candles, hair bows, hooks and knits, hats, and scarves.

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