The Best Compact Kitchen Ideas For Your Tiny House

Living in a tiny house or small apartment doesn’t mean you can’t get comfortable. You can decorate your own living space with the best concept such as compact kitchen ideas. The concept of ‘compact’ is the most suitable for tiny space such as the small apartment, house, or studio. Even though you’re living alone in your tiny home, you need more space to breathe freely so that you won’t get to feel suffocated all the time. That’s why compact is the right concept for you.

How to apply compact kitchen ideas

The kitchen is essential for living. It’s the place where you get foods to load your stomach, talk freely with your friends or family, forget all hectic and nasty day just by making your favorite foods, etc. Meanwhile, the ‘compact’ concept is going to work with the kitchen especially when it has only narrow space. A compact concept for kitchen tends to reflect modern vibe, sterile environment, linear tiles, natural spirit but the most important thing is the main goal to provide ergonomic and efficient value both aesthetically and functionally.

  • To create a compact interior design, focus on aesthetical light and ergonomic value, as mentioned before. It means that you need to place only necessary kitchen tools such as the sink, taps, microwave, mini fridge, granite worktop, and free standing furniture. That furniture and tools should fit the kitchen so that why you shouldn’t choose too large furniture.

  • To apply compact kitchen ideas, paint the wall all white or subtle colors to create an illusion that your kitchen is spacious. Avoid bold and dark colors to the walls or flooring since it will only make your tiny kitchen even tinier than it is. The lighter the color the better. If you like bold color, you can use it for accent or details so the kitchen won’t look plain or boring.
  • It’s also better to hang some of the kitchen tools like pots and pans on the wall. It can save some space and make your kitchen look spacious. You can also store some kitchen utensils or tools in the cabinet so they won’t look messy which can ruin the compact concept.

Compact interior design for a kitchen is the best idea to create some space. The concept is simple and focuses on ergonomic and functional value. With compact kitchen ideas, you still are able to use the space for your needs in the most comfortable way.

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